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Proposal for Cooperation: Journals

Editorial Boards of the journals invites representatives of the Ukrainian scientific Diaspora for Cooperation.

Ukrainian Mathematical Journal

ISSN 0041-6053, 1027-3190
ISSN 0041-5995, 1673-9376
Editor-in-Chief A.M.Samoilenko
Published by Institute of Mathematics of NASU
Translated by Springer


Abstracted & Indexed in
Science Citation Index Expanded (SciSearch), Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition, Scopus, Zentralblatt Math, Mathematical Review, Current Abstract, EBSCO, Gale, OCLC, ProQuest.

Ukrainian Mathematical Journal (Український математичний журнал, УМЖ) was established in 1949 as a scientific magazine for publishing the most prominent results in the field of pure and applied mathematics, mainly, by the Ukrainian mathematicians. The journal remains on the top of mathematical journals but possesses now international character. The journal accepts manuscripts (research papers, brief communications and reviews) in various fields of pure and applied mathematics with a primary emphasis on the scope of interests of the Ukrainian mathematical school, both historical and still actual. This includes, but not restricted to, Algebra, Analysis, Geometry, Topology, Differential Equations, Mathematical Physics, and Analytical Mechanics.

The annular journal volume include 12 issues. The review procedure is handled by international team of Associated Editors (Members of Editorial Board); if necessary Guest-Editors are involved. The submitted manuscript is subject of a peer review by independent referees. The submitted work should not been submitted elsewhere, and is not under consideration with any other publication. It should not include libellous, defamatory or unlawful statements. Permission has been cleared for any third party material included. When preparing the contribution, the authors must remember that the journal strongly supports the development of, and practical application of consistent ethical standards throughout the scholarly publishing community, that are in part included into the Ethical Rules of Scientists, accepted by NAS of Ukraine in April, 4, 2009. There are no publication fees.

To strengthen visibility and impact of Ukrainian Mathematical Journal as well as to improve quality of the published material, Editorial Board cordially invites mathematicians from to Ukrainian Diaspora to fruitful collaboration. The journal has a lack of review papers giving novel views on open/solve problems and extended literature survey that could be especially useful for young mathematicians. The journal may also consider special issues headed by an international team of Guest Editors.

Do not forget us and actively participate in our life.

Nonlinear Oscillations

Editorial Board of the journal "Nonlinear Oscillations" invites representatives of the Ukrainian scientific Diaspora to become authors and reviewers of manuscripts submitted to our Journal.

The international mathematical journal Neliniini Kolyvannya (Ukrainian for "Nonlinear Oscillations"), ISSN 1562-3076, had been founded in 1998. It is issued by the Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The Editor-in-Chief is Academician A. M. Samoilenko.

The complete English-language version of the journal is published by Springer Verlag: from 2002 to 2011 — as Nonlinear Oscillations, starting with 2012 — as part of Journal of Mathematical Sciences (indexed in Scopus).

The journal Nonlinear Oscillations publishes papers on the following topics:

  • General problems of oscillation theory and nonlinear mechanics
  • Multifrequency oscillations theory
  • Asymptotic, iterative, and other approximate methods for solving differential equations
  • Qualitative methods of studying differential equations
  • Delay differential equations, equations with impulses and random perturbations
  • Theory of boundary value problems for ordinary differential and functional differential equations
  • Applications

If you are interested to be a reviewer, please contact Managing Editor of the Journal Prof. Dr. Oleksander Boichuk, e-mail: boichuk at

The Ukrainian Biochemical Journal

ISSN: 2413-5003 (Online), 2409-4943 (Print)
Founders: National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU) and Palladin Institute of Biochemistry of the NASU.
Publisher: Palladin institute of Biochemistry of the NASU and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
State registration certificate: КВ No. 20470-10270 ПР dated Dec. 11, 2013.
Published bimonthly.

The Ukrainian Biochemical Journal (Ukr.Biochem.J., UBJ) is one of the oldest scientific journals in Ukraine. Founded in 1926 by Prof Olexandr Palladin it was known as Berichte des Ukrainischen Biochemischen Institutes in Kyiv and after 1933 known as Ukrains’kyi Biokhemichnyi Zhurnal (Ukr. Biochem. Zhurn.) It is the main Journal of Ukrainian Biochemical Society and most of the recent findings of Ukrainian scientists (and not only Ukrainian) were traditionally published on its pages.

However, in the last two decades the leading Ukrainian scientists have shifted their interest to publication in foreign Journals with high impact factor to attract more International attention to their works. Such shift was encouraged by Government and as a result, Ukr. Biochem. Zhurn. has lost a big part of its authors. In a Globalizing World, the Journal could not remain just local scientific resource and has been forced to integrate into global process. In 2014 by the initiative of the Editor-in- Chief of the Journal Prof. Serhiy Komisarenko, the name of the Journal was modernized to The Ukrainian Biochemical Journal and the course was changed from domestic publishing to the international vector.

From that very moment privileged local Journal became one of non-mainstream scholarly journals that is struggling to maintain a healthy flow of the best submissions, influence science growth locally and internationally, and is indexed in prestigious bibliographic databases.

International presentation. At this moment the UBJ is listed in several international databases: Scopus, PubMed, CrossRef, Medline, DOAJ, Embase, CAS, Google Scholar, Dzherelo (Natural Sciences and Medicine series) and VINITI. Its online version is posted on the EBSCO and Elsevier portals as well as on the website of the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine. It also applied for including into WoS. Broad presentation of UBJ in databases indicates the Journal’s responding to international standards applied for scientific Journals. During the last three years ,the UBJ is publishing articles in English. Editorial board hopes that it will attract foreign authors and support transparency of publications.

Reviewing process. Authors, Reviewers and Editorial board are in charge of the quality of a publication equally. The UBJ takes its part in the reviewing process by attracting a broad pool of reviewers formed mainly by Ukrainian Biochemical society members. Editorial board also makes an effort to prepare articles according to high standards and also to analyze reviewer’s comments and the author’s reaction on them. As the basic Journal for Ukrainian Biochemical Society, the UBJ has also the pool of authors who traditionally send high-quality articles that can be very welcome by any scientific journal.

Authors attraction. The UBJ is opened for students, researchers, and specialists seeking CPD credits. There are no limitations and the main criterion is the quality of the submitted article. We are proud to say that the publication in UBJ is the sign of quality for Ukrainian scientists. Nowadays it is the most prestigious journal in Ukraine. Many scientists from non-mainstream Ukrainian Institutions and Universities are competing for the publication of at least one article in the UBJ that is considering as a great success and the clarification of the value of findings.