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KAU Data Science School

Data: 15-19 October, 2018
Web-site: KAU Data Science School
Location: Department of Mathematics KAU located in the Institute of Mathematics NAS of Ukraine.

KAU Data Science School is an event organized by the Department of Mathematics of Kyiv Acamemic University. There are invited students and young specialists who are interested in Data Science and its application to the different fields.

KAU Data Science School proposes different courses related to Data Science and Machine Learning and include both lectures and practical training.

During the practical training the participants of the course may learn how to apply the Machine Learning and other instruments to the practical tasks.

In the framework of the KAU Data Science School it is also organized the Meet Up on the topic:

"How to become a Data Scientist: Essential competencies, skills
and what employers are looking for?"

Invited speaker: Prof. Dr. Yuri Demchenrko - representative of the Ukrainian research diaspora from Amsterdam.

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